Bring Back The Notorious Dive Button in FIFA 16

Diving is one of the least palatable aspects of modern football. If you’re somehow not familiar, it’s the act (natch) of feigning contact with another player to draw a foul. It can change the course of a game, or even a tournament, and it is one of the most commonly criticised aspects of the game (alongside rampant corruption, a backwards approach to technology and other non-progressive anti-social actions).

And it needs to return in FIFA 16.

The last time FIFA had a dive button was in 2001, when the game featured a ‘dirty move’ button assigned to R1. When pressed while defending, you could use the button to headbutt an opponent, a scarily prescient move that the legendary Zizou would utilise in the 2006 World Cup. When on attack, you’d fall to the ground ‘hurt’, and if you timed it right you’d earn a free kick or even a penalty kick. It was some dirty stuff, and if you got caught doing it in my household you got punched on the arm. Even when it was in the game it was outlawed by house rules — but that’s exactly why it needs to return.

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