The League of Legends OPL Finals Wrap-Up

The Victorious Athletes
The difference between the two teams is immediate. It’s Saturday the eighth of August, and Legacy are playing the undefeated Chiefs in the Oceanic Pro League finals, and we’re in the Green Room area at Luna Park to talk to the teams. One of these teams knows it will win. The other doesn’t want to lose.

I’m not even allowed inside the Chiefs’ locker room. Their ADC (and the OPL season’s MVP) Raydere comes to meet me instead. To say he’s calm would betray the truth of the matter. For some, it is the day of the League of Legends OPL finals, but for Raydere it’s just Saturday. He knows he will win. When we ask him if he wants to send any trash talk in Legacy’s direction, he says he doesn’t feel that they warrant any trash talk. It’s the ‘if he dies, he dies’ of League of Legends smacktalk.

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