Dark Souls 3 – First Hands-On

A Dark Souls 3 Hands-On I wrote up for AusGamers, because I got to play this masterpiece of a game. You’ve heard my thoughts on the podcast, now read some similar ones right here!

This image is amazing
This image is amazing

The small shield seemed to have a huge parry window on it — I felt like it might have even been too easy to parry enemies as they came at me, especially because you remain invulnerable while riposting. On the other hand, the backstab window felt quite narrow, and I felt a little cheated on a number of what I thought were clear backstab opportunities which turned into normal attacks instead.

The combat really is fast, and the demo wasn’t afraid to try to overwhelm me. Crossbow enemies are happy to sit back and ping you while you try to deal with shielded enemies up front, and the AI was particularly annoying when I was trying to draw it into a more protected arena. There were two particularly tough mobs in the demo build, one the actual boss, and I was pleased to see that both had a wide array of combat animations available to them. Regular mobs tend to rely on strength in numbers a little, but the boss and a Smough-sized mob forced me into long, protracted fights each time I faced off with them. Fortunately I was able to run past the fatty on most trips to the boss fog.

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