Just Cause 3 – Review for Stevivor

With 2015 winding down, we’re well into the final surge of big AAA releases that have been hitting shelves over the past few weeks. To cap things off, there’s not a better way to end the year than to sit back with a big, silly, over the top action game. That’s exactly what Just Cause 3 delivers.

In it, Rico Rodriguez returns back to his home: Medici, a series of islands under the control of a dictator known as General Di Ravello. The open world of Medici becomes Rico’s playground and spans across an enormous distance. Rico’s task is to liberate the people trapped under General Di Ravello’s control. That’s probably as much as you’ll get out of the complexity of the story because it isn’t its strong point. Just Cause 3 doesn’t try to take itself seriously at all and pokes fun at itself with some funny moments and dialogue.

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