Friday The 13th: The Game – Review For Stevivor

Friday The 13th: The Game takes the classic horror film series and gives gamers the opportunity to play around in its world. Gameplay is experienced through the iconic slasher Jason Voorhees or those screaming camp counsellors that he loves to chase around so much.

The format of the game is quite simple: each round is an asymmetrical multiplayer matchup where one player is randomly selected to play as Jason before the match game starts; that person roams around the map against a team of seven other people. Jason’s task is to stop all of the other players from escaping the map – basically, murdering them one by one. Similarly, the counsellors are given a list of objectives that they can complete in order to assist in their escape. This can include collecting parts to repair a car or boat to escape in, fixing a phone line to call police to your rescue, or radio in a shotgun wielding Tommy Jarvis to aid the rest of the team. The counsellors can also pick up various items spread throughout the environment that will help them survive. There are hidden maps that show the layout of the area, walkie talkies to voice chat with other players that have also discovered them and a number of weapons that can be used against Jason to help defend yourselves.

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