Reviews in Review – Bayonetta 3

Reviews in Review spawned from an idea pitched on our discord by one Johnothan Bravonovich that hit me like a punch in the face – why don’t I review people’s reviews? It read like a gag, but it actually made a lot of sense to me. I read a lot of reviews already, because you gotta study the game tape if you want to be the best. I also wanted to improve my video editing skills, I wanted to practice talking to camera and I’d been talking to my shrink about how media literacy among the general was in the fucking toilet, so hey – why not use one rock to kill a whole heap of birds. Thus Reviews in Review was born. The first cab off the rank, which is a phrase I use way too much, is Bayonetta 3.

I’m not super familiar with Bayonetta 3 so it seemed like a good place to start. I’d need to lean entirely on the reviews to get any sense of the game, so the reviews would do the bulk of the work. If they didn’t do that, then the reviews might not be very good.

Most of these reviews were actually pretty good. This episode not so much. It needed a lot of work, but I was creating a program of work for myself with this video – working out what needed to improve, how to improve it and how to streamline the process of video creation. I didn’t mention it already, but I’d set a hard limit on making these videos – I would spend no more than one full working day on creating them. I ran out of time with this video.

The reviews reviewed in this video are below. Give them a read!

The Guardian – Tom Regan

Destructoid – Chris Carter

Trusted Reviews – Gemma Ryles

PC Mag – Jordan Minor

GamesRadar – Oscar Taylor-Kent

Gfinity – Luke Hinton

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