Reviews in Review – Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

With the first one I picked a game I had no opinion of at all – this time I went in the direct opposite direction. I’m a fan of first person shooters, and I have deep nostalgia for the Call of Duty franchise, so I thought it would be interesting to dive into the reviews of this game to see how they shook out.

I’m still getting a handle on the specifics of putting these videos together, but I think this one is better than the last. A bit more humour because I’m a bit more confident on camera, and vastly improved editing because I’m not making it up as I go along as much this time.

The Reviews

Games Creed – Junior Onunkwo – 4.6/5 or 92%

Xbox Era – Jon Clarke – 8.5/10

Metro GameCentral – no name – 7/10

Xbox Achievements – Richard Walker – 75%

Polygon – Ed Smith – No Score

IGN – Matt Purlow – 6/10

Game Rant – Dalton Cooper – 5/10

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