Reviews in Review – Evil West

This was a tricky one! Mostly because I’d played the game and really disliked it, so it was hard reading the high scoring reviews and ignoring my own feelings about it to dig into the analysis itself. But that’s what I like about Reviews in Review, it forces me to examine how I look at games and how I look at game reviews. My favourite review of this week might have even been the highest scoring.

In terms of editing, I think I’ve got a really good system in place now to knock these episodes out. As long as my recording is good, I’m getting very close to knocking one of these episodes out a day (though I will not be doing that).

The Reviews!

WellPlayed – Ash Wayling 9/10

The Beta Network – Dillon Van Der Putten – 9/10

Kai Powell – Wccftech – 8.2/10.0

Chris Shive – Hardcore Gamer – 4/5.0

Zack Zwiezen – Kotaku – Unscored

GameSpot – Richard Wakeling 6/10 – Evan Valentine – 2/5

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