Reviews in Review – God of War: Ragnarök

At time of publishing this episode of Reviews in Review, God of War: Ragnarok had 45 10 out 10 reviews (or equivalents). Nearly half of its reviews were solid 10s. That’s crazy stuff. There was also a lone 6, attributed to a South Korean writer who immediately faced racism and death threats, so we took a look at that review as well – in a way, anyway.

Editing-wise I landed on a standard font and I created some splash images to break up the segments, but it still takes me a while to make each episode of this. I have some ideas about how to get quicker though!

The Reviews!

IGN Korea – Sanghyun Bae – 6/10

NME – Jake Tucker – 4/5 – Logan Moore 4.5 / 5

VideoChums – A.J. Maciejewski – 91/100

British GQ – Sam White

Checkpoint Gaming – Luke Mitchell – 10/10

PlayStation Universe – John-Paul Jones – 10/10

And be sure to go check out GrizGaming’s channel, he hooked me up with some footage and his review is great.
GrizGaming’s Review

Stay safe and be cool to one another.

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