Reviews in Review – Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Here’s something fun to think about. Pokemon Violet and Scarlet secured zero 10 out of 10 equivalent reviews and it sold more than twice as many copies as God of War Ragnarok! Does that mean reviews don’t matter? Maybe, but I don’t ask questions I don’t want the answers to!

A mixed bag from these reviews – some were very good, some were not. I continue to struggle with being too critical of reviews for a number of reasons. The first is I know how little reviewers get paid, but that shouldn’t really matter. I just don’t want to kick people when they’re down, you know? The second, bigger reason is that it’s very easy for me to pick apart sloppy editing but it’s not very entertaining and it doesn’t really critique the ‘review’, just typos. Still, I think I’m getting better at exercising good and proper analysis.

The Reviews!

ScreenRant – Cody Gravelle – 4.5/5

Glitched Africa – Marco Cocomello – 9/10

Press Start – Harry Kalogirou – 7.5/10

ShackNews – Donovan Erskine – 7/10

Eurogamer – Lottie Lynn – No Score

Telegraph – Jack Rear – 3/5

GamesRadar+ – Joel Franey 3/5

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