Reviews in Review – The Callisto Protocol – From a 3 to a 10?

I had fun with this one. It’s got some pretty good gags in it, and what I think is very good meta-analysis of the reviews covered – The Callisto Protocol garnered a review as low as a 3 out of 10 and as high as a 10 (equivalent), so the split was pretty good. I think my favourite review this time around was PCGamesN, which is funny because I rag on it a little.

I tried some new editing techniques this time and it messed my workflow a little bit. I’m a little worried I left a goof in the video, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t? It’s funny, working online you can edit out errors whenever you like – that was the big advantage over magazines. But with video, you can’t as easily render out a fix for a mistake. We’ve come full circle.

Here are the reviews!

Dexerto – Andrew Highton – 5/5

PCGamesN – Nat Smith – 9/10

GamingBible – Will McCue – 8/10

Push Square – Liam Croft – 7/10

Kotaku – Ashley Bardhan – No Score

Xbox Era – Jesse Norris – 5.9

The Jimquisition – Jim Stephanie Sterling – 3/10

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