Reviews in Review – High on Life

When you watch this episode you’ll hear me repeat the concept, if not the exact words, that humour in games is subjective and tricky to review for a broad audience. That’s because it is! I’m sorry if it gets annoying, it’s just kinda how it works.

I wasn’t actually going to do this game for RiR but the score spread was so interesting that I felt like it would be interesting, and I’m super glad I did. There are some amazing reviews in here, doing some really interesting things. Edwin Evans-Thirlwell’s review is a spectacular breakdown of why the Rick and Morty formula doesn’t work (for them) in video game form. Josh West’s attempts to avoid talking about the humour resulted in a completely unique vibe. Andrew Farrell’s decision to write in a style resembling the way Rick Sanchez speaks was a big swing, and it caught enough of an edge to reach a boundary, even if it didn’t make it out of the park.

Here are the Reviews! Read them!

XboxEra – Jesse Norris – 9/10

MonsterVine – Diego Escala – 9/10

PCInvasion – Andrew Farrell – 8.5/10

GamesRadar+ – Josh West – 3.5

Eurogamer – Edwin Evans-Thirlwell – No Score

Destructoid – Chris Carter – 5.5/10

But Why Tho? – Arron Kluz – 3/10

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