Reviews in Review – Forspoken

Back for another year with more Reviews in Review, kicking things off with Forspoken. I may have gone a little too hard on Joseph Moorer at the start, but I dunno, it was a weird review. I highly recommend reading it yourself to get a taste of the insanity, but then again I recommend reading all of the reviews I reviewed!

GamingNexus – Joseph Moorer – 9.5/10

Gaming Trend – David Flynn – 9/10

Screen Rant – Kyle Gratton – 3.5/5

IGN – Tom Marks – 6/10

AusGamers – Steve Farrelly – 4/10

Dexerto – Alex Garton – 2/5

I’ll return to Reviews in Review as soon as I can supress my current sense of malaise towards games criticism. Probably next week!

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