Joab wrote a book – Do Not Kill

I dunno if “book” is the right word for this, but I wrote a thing that I think is pretty good. It’s worth checking out at least, a long short story or a short long story or something like that.

It’s a book about a guy who can see the world is moving on without him, that it’s leaving him behind and that he’s unable to do much to stop it. And when he sees a way to do something, he fights every urge in his being and decides to act.

But deep in the antarctic mountains, that action might cost everyone their lives. You can check out a preview and buy it below!

I’ve written more fiction, longer fiction, but with the current hubbub about AI everywhere I thought this one fit the moment well. Editing novels takes a while, especially when your editor is a notably harsh critic, and I’m not sure when the other stuff will be ready. But it’s coming.

Anyway I hope you enjoy Do Not Kill, and feel free to email me if you’d like to share your feedback, good or bad. Or hit us up on discord via

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