The GAP Episode 682 – The Demo Fest 2023

On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie and Joab Gilroy talk about the Gran Turismo movie and reviews people have left for it.

The games they’ve been playing this week include Lords of the Fallen, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, RoboCop: Rogue City, Crime Scene Cleaner, KarmaZoo, Cobalt Core, The Last Exterminator, Calcium Contract, Relentless Frontier, Quantum Derelict, United 1944, and more.

Over in the news a new PlayStation model is on the way, John Riccitiello retiring at Unity, and Redfall’s player count hits a low.

This episode goes for 1 hour and 45 minutes, it also contains coarse language.

Timestamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:32:16 – Lords of the Fallen
00:41:10 – Quantum Derelict
00:43:44 – Relentless Frontier
00:45:12 – Calcium Contract
00:47:22 – The Last Exterminator
00:49:38 – Cobalt Core
00:52:26 – KarmaZoo
00:56:30 – RoboCop: Rogue City
01:05:21 – Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
01:09:49 – Crime Scene Cleaner
01:16:06 – News
01:27:47 – Questions
01:34:31 – Weekly Plugs
01:39:25 – End of Show

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